A novel based on a family's true story of courage and hope during the Holocaust

The Book Proposal

Heidi Fishman is the author of the award-winning Holocaust novel Tutti's Promise (MB Publishing, March 2017). Recently, she has been contemplating writing another book . . .

"When am I going to write another book? People ask me that a lot. I usually hesitate to answer because the next book just hasn’t germinated yet. I know I should write more, but that isn’t the stuff books are made of. I don’t want to write a should. I want to write something that gives me so much energy and momentum that it will carry me through the long process of researching, writing, and re-writing that I know will be needed.

"One idea has been to write the non-fiction version of the Metal Jews of Westerbork. This would get down to the nitty-gritty details of what my grandfather and his colleagues were doing to try to keep as many Jews in Westerbork as possible, so they didn’t get sent to the death camps. I have a friend, Myriam Daru*, who has been researching this line of inquiry. There is a LOT of information and it involves black marketeers and economics and so many different people that I have trouble keeping the facts straight. The idea of writing this book feels like starting a dissertation – and I don’t want to write a dissertation. I already did that a long time ago."

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