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The Secret at Haney Field A Baseball Mystery book cover


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134 pages 
Age Range: 8-12
Size: 5.25 x 8 inches
978-0-9913646-2-6 (Paperback)
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BISAC Category: Juvenile Fiction/Mysteries & Detective Stories

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What do you get when you mix two baseball buffs with a minor league team and a major league adventure? A grand-slam summer! 

Author R. M. Clark's new novel is a baseball-centered middle-grade mystery, featuring spunky twelve-year-old protagonist April O'Day. As the daughter of a former minor-leaguer, she really knows baseball. And when she wins the opportunity to be a bat retriever for one week with her hometown's minor league team, she proves it, transforming her seven-day dream job into a summer-long adventure of runs, hits, errors . . . and a mystery to solve.

Baseball-playing shadows are on the field, which only she, her best friend Darren, and the team's owner, Mr. Haney, can see. And when April finds one of their shadow balls in the stands, the three are able to witness a 1940s Negro Leagues game.

Who are these players—especially the one they call Flash, a lightning-fast base runner? And why are they at Haney Field? Can Marcus "Mayhem" Mayfield, a veteran of the Negro Leagues as well as the majors, help them solve this mystery?
 And as facts come into focus, will Mr. Haney try to keep an event from the 1960s hidden under the grandstands?


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Kirkus Reviews

"A well-written Disney-like story. . . . The characters are well-drawn and likable, and Clark obviously knows baseball. . . . A home run . . ."

Readers' Favorite

"As deeply moving as Field of Dreams . . . " —Bil Howard

Midwest Book Review

"An inviting read. The discoveries and the reflections of this feisty protagonist, who loves the sport and whose curiosity leads her to investigate the Negro Leagues, baseball history, and even issues of discrimination, are what make this story so enjoyable." —Diane Donovan

Midwest Book Review

"Middle school readers ages 8-12 (especially those with an affection for both baseball and mysteries) will find The Secret at Haney Field an engrossing, involving read. Nothing is predictable, everything is tinged with baseball lore, and middle school readers will be more than drawn in by the combination of alluring storyline and protagonists who are realistic and compelling." —Diane Donovan

Get Kids to Read

"The mystery weaves American history around a baseball-themed story to create an intriguing page-turning case. Fans of The Prince of Fenway Park and Dan Gutman's Baseball Card Series will definitely want to read this book." —Pat Tierney

Readers' Favorite

"April is a likeable and engaging heroine and Darren is good comic relief. The writing is clear and fluid, the dialogue smooth and realistic, and the baseball know-how is very interesting!" —Julia Hopkinson