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Age Range: 12 to Adult
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ISBN-13: 978-0-9913646-5-7

Gold Recipient: The Mom’s Choice Awards

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Write and Speak with Confidence!

In this photo-filled book, each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of culture: exploration, art and invention, food, sports, classic movies and TV, poetry, and travel. Every example-packed lesson is paired with one of our favorite things—from baseball to bagels—to make learning fun and easy!

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Kirkus Reviews

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"An overview of the basics of English grammar, written at a level appropriate for both adults and children. . . . The book's greatest strength is its abundance of examples. . . . A thorough and useful adjunct to English textbooks and an effective reference tool."

Readers' Favorite

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"The Scoop on Good Grammar is a book that should be in every grammarian’s library. It is a quick and easy guide to all those little tangles every writer finds themselves in. It is full of comprehensive lists of grammar rules and exceptions that make fantastic reference tools for quick study and answers needed in a hurry." —Tania Staley 

Midwest Book Review

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"[P]hotos, sidebars of information, and concluding chapter quizzes enliven the entire presentation and make it simple and fun to absorb the basics of good grammar in an easy guide that can be used for ESL students, adults seeking a refresher course, or students learning grammar basics.” —Diane Donovan

Mom's Choice Awards

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