Judaica | Holocaust Titles: Tutti's Promise & Escape in Time


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232 pages
Age Range: 10 to adult
​Size: 5.25 x 8 inches
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A promise kept is like the twinkling stars in the night sky . . . a constant reminder of something important that makes you who you are.

Can nine-year-old Tutti keep a promise—and a secret? Her family’s life may depend on it.

In the early 1930s, life for the Jews is on the brink of ruin: Hitler has come to power, and the golden memories of happy times are fading fast. 

One young couple, Margret and Heinz Lichtenstern, decide to flee Germany with their parents and daughter, Tutti. They move to Amsterdam, where Heinz is able to continue his work . . . and where there seems to be hope for the future. Two years later, Tutti’s brother is born, and the family is prospering.

But then Germany invades the Netherlands. And in the pre-dawn hours of May 10, 1940, the Lichtensterns suddenly learn that they have not moved far enough. 

This is the true story of what the Lichtensterns endured under the Nazis. Told by Tutti’s daughter, Heidi, and filled with historical documents and photos, it vividly recreates how one family conquered fear and heartbreak to survive. Theirs is a tale of both unimaginable devastation and lucky surprises—raids, sabotage, helpful friends and strangers, and a very special gift.

One family. One remarkable story. And in the end . . . a promise kept.

Awards and Designations

Tutti's Promise was awarded the Silver Medal from the Nautilus Book Awards for Middle Grades: Fiction.

The NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Committee* has selected “Tutti’s Promise” as a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People. 

*A cooperative project of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and the Children’s Book Council

Tutti's Promise was awarded the Silver Medal from the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards in two categories:

• Young Reader: Fiction (8-12 years)

• Best New Voice: Children's/YA

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A photo of Tutti Fishman, holding her doll while giving a talk about the Holocaust

"[A] gripping tale. . . . The spirited, realistic dialogue brings the characters to life, and the documents . . . enhance without cluttering the flow. . . . That the family survived to have this powerful, heartening tale told cannot fail to move readers."

Stephen D. Smith, Ph.D.

Photo of Paraguayan passport that helped save family featured in Tutti's Promise, Holocaust novel

"Tutti’s Promise is an engrossing story of hope, family, survival, and identity. What’s more, K. Heidi Fishman’s meticulously researched novel blends drama with facts, inspiring the engaged reader to seek answers through a palpable emotional connection to the past. By drawing the reader into the extraordinary experiences of her family, the author offers us the opportunity to see in her characters our very own selves and loved ones." —Stephen D. Smith, PhD
​Andrew J. and Erna Finci Viterbi Endowed Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation, UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education, and Adjunct Professor of Religion at the University of Southern California

Avinoam Patt, PhD

Photo of theater that was used to process and deport Jews in Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Tutti's Promise is a compelling story for all readers about one family's remarkable tale of survival during the Holocaust. K. Heidi Fishman does a masterful job of weaving together Holocaust history with the account of Tutti and her family, while writing the manuscript in a style that is completely accessible for a middle-school audience. The book fills an important gap in the available literature on the subject and should reach a wide readership. Highly recommended." —Avinoam Patt, PhD
Philip D. Feltman Professor of Modern Jewish History at the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Hartford,
Director of the Museum of Jewish Civilization

Tom White

Photo of yellow "Jood" badge that Jews were forced to wear in the Netherlands during Holocaust

"Based on a true story, Tutti’s Promise invites readers to experience one family’s desperate struggle to stay together and retain their humanity during the Holocaust. Fishman's loving account is a remarkable story of luck, generosity, hope, and courage in the face of atrocity. Suitable for readers ages 10 to adult, this sensitively written and gently told novel illustrates how much the world lost and continues to lose when targeted groups are marginalized as 'other.'” —Tom White, Coordinator of Educational Outreach, Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Keene, New Hampshire

Readers' Favorite

Photo in Tutti's Promise of Tutti's class and teacher in school for Jews only

"Tutti’s daughter, K. Heidi Fishman, does a magnificent job telling the heartbreaking story of Tutti’s Promise. It is flawlessly written and heartrendingly real, complete with authentic historic documentation and photographs, translations, and an informative glossary. As distressing as it was to read about Tutti and her family’s fear, pain, anxiety, and suffering, I was completely engrossed and could not put it down. I have read other true stories about the Holocaust, but none touched my soul as Tutti’s Promise has." —Geree McDermott

Core Virtues

Photo in Tutti's Promise of Tutti's grandparents in Germany in 1930s

"This artfully cast two-hundred-page novel is a superb portrayal of one family’s courage, resilience, and fortitude during the Holocaust." —Mary Beth Klee

Cover of Escape in Time novel about a real Jewish family & how they survived Holocaust in Hungary

Escape in Time

Price: $9.99 (Paperback), $6.99 (eBook)

176 pages
Age Range: 12 - Adult 
Size: 5.25 x 8 inches
978-0-9908430-3-0 (Paperback)
​978-0-9908430-4-7 (epub)
978-0-9908430-5-4 (mobi)  
BISAC Category: Juvenile Fiction/Historical/Holocaust

Translated from the Hebrew by Leora Frankel.

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Escape in Time, by Israeli author Ronit Lowenstein-Malz, Z"L, is a riveting story about a family’s survival during the Holocaust in Budapest, Hungary. Suitable for ages 12 and up, the story is based upon Ronit's family’s actual memoirs and follows the courageous story of the Eneman family as they make daring escapes and survive in plain sight of the Arrow Cross and the Nazis. The novel is a wonderful companion for students studying World War II and the Holocaust. The Hebrew edition of Escape in Time—נס  של  אהבה (Nes Shel Ahava), A Miracle of Love—was awarded the Yad Vashem Prize for Children's Holocaust Literature in 2008. 

The book is also a Readers’ Favorite award winner for illustrations.

​Nessya’s grandmother, Miri Eneman Malz, has friends, a loving family--and a secret: she is a Holocaust survivor. When twelve-year-old Nessya learns the truth, she wants to know what happened. After decades of silence, Grandma Miri decides it’s time to tell her story. 

It all begins one terrible day in the spring of 1944, when Germany crosses Hungary’s border and soldiers arrive in Miri’s hometown of Munkács. Suddenly, the Jews are trapped and in danger.    

Surrounded by war and unimaginable hatred, the family makes a daring escape. But that is only the beginning, and over the course of the year new threats continually confront them. Incredibly, despite numerous close calls, they defy the odds and live. 

Based upon actual memoirs, this is the story of the Eneman family . . . of their remarkable ingenuity, astonishing luck, boundless courage, and unending love.

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Reviews & Awards

Kirkus Reviews

Illustration from Escape in Time showing Eneman family hiding on porch during escape from ghetto

“The novel is an immersive page-turner . . .”

Children's Literature

Illustration from Escape in Time of one of the four Eneman daughters, Magda

"This enthralling book will be an asset in the history classroom when studying World War II and the Holocaust." —Cathi I. White

Jewish Book World

Illustration of Miri Eneman Malz from Escape in Time, looking in mirror, seeing herself as a girl

“The characters are crisply differentiated, superb illustrations help us relate to them, and suspense runs high.” —Phil Jason

Midwest Book Review

Illustration of Naftuli Eneman, patriarch in Escape in Time, comforting friend

“A standout . . . truly riveting . . . to pair off quite nicely with Anne Frank’s classic Diary . . .—Diane Donovan

Readers' Favorite

Illustration of Miri and sister Magda in Escape in Time as they run for shelter

"Escape in Time is a beautifully and intriguingly written re-telling of an awful period of time from a Hungarian Jewish family’s life that few of us can even begin to comprehend some 70 years later. Books like this that recount a time in human history so exceedingly reprehensible are important contributions to future generations to help ensure history does not repeat itself. I’m not sure we could ever hear enough stories about the Holocaust to truly imagine what life was like then. Escape in Time comes from an interesting vantage point, that of Hungarian Jews who managed to escape and hide, which I’ve never heard about before, thus making it a compelling read. Originally written in Hebrew for an Israeli audience, it has been translated into English very appropriately for a North American audience. The illustrations by Laurie McGaw are breathtaking." —Marnie Wilson

A Netgalley Reviewer

Illustration of Miri and her granddaughter Nessya in Escape in Time, eating dessert in Israeli cafe

"I loved this book and literally could not put it down. The characters are so real and the emotions so vivid that I was enthralled." —Ellen Cohn (Educator)