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Will rain spoil little brother’s breezy day? It’s springtime in Carrot Cake Park and these two breezy bunnies—Millie and her little brother Jimmy—are ready for fun . . . playing with their friends, picnicking with ducklings, and cloud-watching along the way. And should the weather change, Millie is all prepared with her umbrella. This bouncy rhyming tale with its charming illustrations reveals their splendid day, which may just get a little bit soggier than they ever imagined!

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Margie Blumberg

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“Kids with rudimentary reading skills who have moved beyond reading single words or sentences per page (but are not yet ready for multiple paragraphs) will love the simple structure and plot of ‘Breezy Bunnies,’ which is set in springtime in Carrot Cake Park, where young bunnies play.”

“A rollicking rhyme lends to Breezy Bunnies’ strength as a read-aloud pick for parents, while June Goulding’s simple, appealing rabbit drawings will engage young readers and parents alike. As rabbit parents sew and mow, the younger bunnies are hopping outdoors to check on what spring brings to the park, which includes ducklings, picnics, and gardening. But spring also brings rain, which threatens all festivities. Luckily, a savvy sister has the answer even to a stormy day. The tone of the story is light, sweet, and engaging. Even parents familiar with tales about seasonal change will find Breezy Bunnies moves in some directions that are satisfyingly unexpected. With its fun drawings and breezy tone, beginning readers will find it a thoroughly engaging, fun picture book read.”

“It is a great seasonal tale to enjoy year after year at the onset of spring.”

Book Details

Pages : 36
Age Range : 4 - 8 years
Publication Date : August 12, 2014
Size : 8.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBNs : 978-0-9913646-1-9

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