YA novelist Daniella Levy is a mother of three, rabbi’s wife, translator, self-defense instructor, bridal counselor, black belt in karate, and certified medical clown—and she still can’t decide what to be when she grows up. She is the author of Letters to Josep: An Introduction to Judaism, and her articles, short fiction, and poetry have been published in both English and Hebrew in popular and literary magazines such as Writer’s Digest, Pnima Magazine, Reckoning, Newfound, the Rathalla Review, and the Jewish Literary Journal, as well as online platforms such as Kveller, Aish.com, JWire, Ynet News, and Hevria.

Born in New York, Daniella immigrated to Israel with her family as a child. She currently lives in Tekoa, Israel, with her husband and their three sons. She wrote her first book at age ten and completed her first full-length novel at fourteen. Her Talmud studies notes from high school consisted of a series of silly dramatizations of Jewish sages yelling at each other. She’s pretty sure her teacher would have been horrified.

She blogs at LetterstoJosep.com about Judaism and life in Israel, and at The Rejection Survival Guide about resilience in the face of rejection and criticism. Connect with her online at Daniella-Levy.com.

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